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The Science Based Sixpack course is a complete nutrition and exercise system that uses the scientifically-backed power of intermittent fasting to reshape the way you look, feel and perform.

It consists of 5 comprehensive intermittent fasting tutorials which cover all of the research, practices and shortcuts to reaching your goals. From overcoming hunger signals to the top training methods to what supplements to take to optimize your weight loss goals - Plus, the tutorial section of the program also consists of live mouth-watering recipe demonstrations to meet your macro needs - desserts included!

  • Master Fasting Course: Introduction To Intermittent Fasting

  • The Best Practices, Tips & Supplements To Use On A Fasting Diet

  • Base Track VS Fast Track - How To Choose The Right Fasting Diet For You

  • The Fast Track Meal Prep Guide + Recipes

  • How To Accelerate Your Fat Loss Goals With Exercise While Fasting - The Shred Fast Workout Series

The program also includes the ShredFast training course which includes 9 at-home full body workouts that use time under tension to maximize glycogen depletion for a carved physique.

Along with the education tutorials and the workout course, you will also receive two separate food journals, a meal plan schedule as well as the Master Fasting Course E-book. This E-book contains the written summary of your entire Science Based Sixpack course and acts as a perfect reference point for FAQ’s, additional recipes, sample workout guide and more! You can download and print off these guides right from the member site.

How Does It Work?

To use the program, simply begin by logging into the member site and watching all five intermittent fasting tutorial videos. These videos will provide you with a solid baseline of understanding behind how intermittent fasting works to accelerate your metabolic potential so that you can reach your ideal body and health.

Once you’ve completed your tutorials, print out your Master Fasting Course E-book along with the food journal of your choosing. The more flexible option (The Base Track) is a great starting point to those who are brand new to dieting and the macro-based option (The Fast Track) is my personal diet that I still use to this very day.

Refer to your sample weekly fasting schedule in the Master Fasting Course E-book to easily indoctrinatie intermittent fasting into your routine with ease.

Once you are comfortable with the intermittent fasting routine, watch the introduction to the ShredFast training program video and get started integrating 3 workouts a week into your regime. If you are already following a training program, you may continue to follow it or add in the ShredFast workouts as they are only 20 minutes in length and require no equipment what so ever.